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About HOMA

At HOMA Group we believe that Design is inherently about the future, a plan for tackling problems yet to come. The goal of our innovation team is always to perform each task timelessness and adaptability—rejecting short-term trends and anticipating the inevitability of change—as we continue to balance what’s next and what is. 

Our Vision

HOMA Group will continue to be a provider of innovative, quality furniture’s and services that represent preferred solutions to customer needs. This innovative environment will be driven by cooperative partnerships with our customers.”

Our Mission

Meet customer expectations

Be an innovative market leader in its market

Be an ethical and community minded organization

Provide customers with superior value through out the delivery of high quality products and services

HOMA History 

HOMA Group International since its inception, it had one goal in mind, it is to provide the highest standard of modern furniture’s to its client and throughout our partners worldwide such as KI USA, Alea Italy, MDD Poland and many more. We have achieved our goal by introducing a huge collection of Corporate, Education, Healthcare, Government and Business furniture to our clients.

Our Agents

Smart business is not just doing things right, it's doing the right things...like hiring the right people & Has professional brands name. We've cultivated a talented, diverse workforce that can relate to each other and to our customers in the middle east and north africa.


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Latest Products

True Desking System
Genius Architectural Wall

Our Clients

Our clients expect exceptional results from us & we succeed by being integral to their success.